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Your Pathway to Success: Guided Self-Publishing in 4-6 Calls

August 28, 20231 min read

Authors, are you ready to embark on a self-publishing journey that's backed by expert guidance and tailored to your unique vision? 📘 Discover how Riley-Infinity streamlines the process, offering 4-6 strategic calls that empower you to transform your manuscript into a polished masterpiece. Explore the top five benefits of having us as your trusted partners on this creative journey.

🌟 Why Our Guided Approach Matters

At Riley-Infinity, we recognize that self-publishing can be a daunting endeavor without industry-standard advice. Our role is to guide you through the process, ensuring your journey is efficient, focused, and successful.

📚 Top 5 Benefits of Guided Self-Publishing:

  • Efficiency: Our streamlined process breaks down self-publishing into well-defined steps. In just 4-6 calls, we guide you through each phase, saving time and effort.

  • Customized Support: Your calls are tailored to your author goals and book type, ensuring our guidance aligns perfectly with your vision.

  • Industry Expertise: Benefit from our professionals' insights into writing, formatting, cover design, distribution, and marketing strategies.

  • Focused Progress: Our guidance helps you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes, keeping your journey productive and on track.

  • Confidence and Empowerment: We empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate self-publishing confidently.

🚀 Elevating Your Manuscript to Masterpiece: Your Guided Journey

Your book deserves nothing less than excellence, and Riley-Infinity is dedicated to making that a reality. With just 4-6 calls, we can help you transform your manuscript into a captivating masterpiece that resonates with readers.

Ready to embark on a self-publishing journey guided by expertise and dedication? Let's collaborate and craft a plan that brings your vision to life and ensures your success.

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Stephanie Krol

Dr. S. has a proven reputation of excellence & professionalism alike among clients & peers, in Higher Education Administration (Chicago-land market), and is a Publishing Services Provider. Krol is a well-known Multi-Award-Winning Educator (Professor, Speaker, Curriculum & Training Developer, & sought after Allied Health-Higher Education Dean (school turn around expert), while Investing & Brokering over the last 25+years, because of her proven market knowledge, integrity, and personalized approach. She transitioned into Publishing services, and enjoys advocating for authors, is a #1 Best-Selling National and International Author, a Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist, and an entrepreneur. Dr. S. is: ➰a Boutique Publishing Services Provider, and Founder of Riley-Infinity & Lemniscate-Infinity Press ➰An Amazon Best Selling, & National Multi-Award-Winning Author (What the Pet Food Industry IS NOT Telling You…) ➰a Health Advocate (Functional Medicine Practitioner) ➰a Co-owner of a Real Estate School (Nationwide) Featured in many articles, podcasts, radio & TV relative to her functional medicine background, pet health & wellness consulting and publishing. She was inducted into The Marquis Who’s Who Publication Board. Her clients books have won a NYC Big Books Award, Silver, and BIBA. Her book has won 2022 Gold-NYC Big Books Award, Distinguished Favorite for Nonfiction Book Cover, 2022 Gold-Nonfiction Author’s Association, Living Now Award-Gold 2022 (IPPY), IBPA Benjamin Franklin, Silver Award 2022 & Independent Press Award 2022. She has very positive professional reviews (Kirkus, BookLife/Publishers Weekly, Blue Ink & The Wishing Shelf). She partners with: other publishing service providers, and independent authors, managing books for High-end Influencers, & Speakers all the way to a la cart folks creating DIY beautiful legacy books for their families. From fiction, to non-fiction, political, business, Ph.D. peers & higher educators alike, to decades long systematic world changers, children’s book writers, working with those passionate about their books, positively moved to change the world! Passionate about reversing disease & pain in dogs, cats & horses around the world, by changing the conversation from yearly vet visits to what we put in and on our pets daily!

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