About Us

Riley-Infinity Group, Inc. (Riley-Infinity) and Leminscate-Infinity Press aspire to be a lead-by-example industry provider, by having one of the most vital "boutiques" for indie authors. The Chicago area-based publisher and services provider aim to be the publisher of choice for a select group of authors who value personal attention, authenticity, a partnership philosophy, flexibility, and a creative approach to marketing, who are just as passionate about their work as the services they are being provided. Our key to success appears to be their ability to bring together "the best of both worlds."

Founder, Dr. Stephanie Krol explains: “Riley-Infinity and Leminscate-Infinity Press from inception, have always been about providing leading authors with a home that combines the best of independent publishing with the best of mainstream publishing services, where reputation and customer service are paramount in product creation.” In fact, the owner oversees all the processes and services directly, whether in house or partnered, so you receive the quality book or service you expected. Passion is key in the creation and delivery of a finished product.

On the independent publishing side, we've offered a high level of partnership, stellar customer service, flexibility, old school values and marketing commitment that is hard to get from traditional and most hybrid publishers. In the traditional publishing world, if you aren't an A-list author, it’s very challenging to break into that world. On the Services side, we've always worked with top cover designers and editors to give authors top-notch quality and have partnered with top distributors like KDP to get our authors out all around the world and (currently Lightning Source) to give our authors the distribution capabilities similar to that of a top traditional house."

Specializing in nonfiction books on popular culture, business, health, and nutrition, along with books on science, politics, and psychology, Riley-Infinity Group, Inc. is home to Leminscate-Infinity Press.

The Leminscate-Infinity Press imprint publishes broadly in non-fiction, on popular culture, cookbooks, and lifestyle titles, or on business, finance, and professional development titles, as well as memoirs, children’s books, journals and textbooks, however we also endeavor to publish in any genre of authors who deem themselves world changers and those doing good, intellectual and progressive things in the world. We even provide free Infinitude with every book.

The founder in 2022 won the 33rd Annual Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) Benjamin Franklin Silver Award for Animal & Pet which includes over fifty categories from over 1,750 entries published in 2021, these finalists were chosen by 165 judges recognizing excellence in book editorial and design and are regarded as one of the highest national honors for independent publishers. She also won the Independent Press Award, Distinguished Favorite in 2022 for nonfiction Animals: Pets. Books were judged from 150 categories, and most recently the Gold Award for the Living Now Award (by IPPY) in Animals & Pets, as well as multiple professional favorable editorial reviews from top reviewers like Kirkus Reviews, Publisher's Weekly/BookLife Reviews, the international Wishing Shelf Book Reviews, and Blue Ink, so she can help you get there too, if those are your goals too. It's all about the author and what their unique plan looks like for their business or personal goals. Created by and Author, for Author's.

We also stay current in the industry taking part in conferences with the Nonfiction Authors Association, IBPA, Alliance of Independent Authors (Alli), The Midwest Independent Publishers Association (MIPA), Publisher's Weekly, Book Life, ProWritingAid, and some of the top representatives in the industry like Reedsy, The Creative Penn, Jane Friedman, Smashwords and Kindlepreneur.

Riley-Infinity and Leminscate-Infinity Press operate on a simple business philosophy:

• Publish wonderful, engaging books that help and change the world- from competent, passionate authors who love what they do

• Provide our authors with a true partnership in every aspect of the publishing process

• Creatively and aggressively help market every book we publish

• Generate significant value for our authors

• Understand, engage, and stay up to date actively in the industry by partnering with active associations and boards in the industry to keep current with the rapidly changing publishing and marketing environment

The process is this, in a nutshell, first, write a great book, then use a publishing services company to help you learn industry standards to partner with you to create stellar editing, layout, design and cover with wonderful back matter that engages potential consumers.

Next, marketing is key. No one can predict the strange chemistry needed to create a bestselling book. However, it definitely can’t happen if a critical mass of readers isn’t exposed to the book, and for that authors need professional guidance. Sometimes, when a book gets into readers’ hands, magic happens, and they can’t wait to tell their friends that they must read this book. Sadly, sometimes the magic doesn’t happen.

Those are the unfortunate tough breaks in the business, but many have amazing results, and depending on your goal of building your business, helping to create a brand, becoming an influencer, becoming an award-winning author or outright changing the world, there are lots of space for all different levels of personal success, and it’s perhaps the most rapidly changing and exciting part of the book industry right now.

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